“The FM3 is my cruiser of choice for carving the asphalt wave” – Erik H, Austin, 2023

“Love that bike (FM3) – It literally disappears beneath you when you’re cruising on it” – Jeff D, PA, 2023

Introducing the FIREMANS 3(FM3.) We made a few of these 3 bars to celebrate our 25th anniversary-They sold out immediately, and have generated a ton of interest. It is named FM three for the third bar, and it is also the third version of a 26” cruzer we have made. These are great riding bikes – same geometry as our regular FIREMANS TEXAS CRUZER, but a little taller, and a little shorter wheelbase. We are also glad to announce that these framesets come with a USA MADE SAL HANDLEBAR that is the perfect bar for our cruzers, and puts your hands right where they should be! Following our tradition of regress to progress, we’ve kept the stuff straight out of the 80s to provide that perfect FIREMANS feel. Just like everything we’ve ever made – it cruzes like a cruzer is supposed to CRUZ! More are being made right now.



Here’s an FM3 with 650/27.5 wheels pictured below-(both wheel sizes 26 and 650/27.5 work on our FM26 and FM3 framesets) – Smooth and fast!


Firemans Texas Cruzer_bottomlogo