Firemans framesets have been HANDMADE IN USA since 1998. Our cruzers have an old school, laid back geometry with perfect balance, fit, feel, and steering UNLIKE ANY OTHERS made today or in the modern era.

Firemans Texas Cruzer is celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year ! (2023,) and would like to thank all of our loyal customers around the US and the world for their business and support over the years. Also, many thanks to Profile Racing for supplying us with their indestructible and killer looking parts since day 1, and for this latest post (click on photo below.)

**Update FEB 2023 – Dear Firemans Customers – We are pleased to report that we are getting close to another frame release. Our apologies for the long delay – we sold out during the pandemic, and then had to deal with many factors after that that led to the long delay. In our 25 years, we had never run out of frames before. We have a wait list we have been keeping for framesets locally and nationally, so if you are interested in our bikes, we recommend you email us so we can add you to the list. We are hoping to have enough to cover everyone, and it would be ideal if we never run into that problem again. We do appreciate your patience. Due to many factors also, after years of building these bikes as completes, we are only going to offer framesets. A lot of customers these days enjoy building their own custom so they get exactly what they want, and we can help guide you if you don’t have a local shop or don’t want to build it yourself. Thanks! The Firemans Crew**


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Visit our Bikes page to find information on our bikes in general, and our individual models – framesets and completes as well.


Firemans first offered the Firemans Texas Cruzer Longboard in the early 2000s with a very limited run. We are proud to be bringing Firemans Texas Cruzer Skateboards back 20 years later with a few options to choose from! Stay tuned for details.


Firemans has a long history. Here you will find info on our company, magazine articles written on our bikes, and info on Firemans No. 4 Ale.


Firemans Texas Cruzer has an extremely loyal customer base and group of mechanics and shop associates. Here you will find info on our group of Firemans riders, and the great people associated with our company.  Also, be sure to check out some of our customer’s bikes in the BMX Museum!


Here you can request postcards that we have for whatever model you are interested in, send us inquiries with whatever questions you may have about our company or bikes, or place an order.


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