Firemans is celebrating our 20th anniversary this year.  We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their support over the years!

We are permanently sold out of our Tall Texan (20/22”) and our Texas Twentynine (29”,) and plan to focus on our 26” models – the Original Firemans Texas Cruzer 26” (4130 chromoly,) and the newer Firemans Big AL 26” (6160 aluminum.) We have a few of our Texas Two Fours 24″ (4130 chromoly) left for now.

We are proud to announce our long anticipated new runs of 26” Texas Cruzers and Big Als – many new colors available and quantities are limited!

Visit our Bikes page to find information on our bikes in general, and our individual models – framesets and completes as well.

Firemans has a long history. Here you will find info on our company, magazine articles written on our bikes, and info on Firemans No. 4 ale.

Firemans Texas Cruzer has an extremely loyal customer base and group of mechanics and shop associates. Here you will find info on our group of Firemans riders, and the great people associated with our company.  Also, be sure to check out some of our customer’s bikes in the BMX Museum!

Here you can request postcards that we have for whatever model you are interested in, send us inquiries with whatever questions you may have about our company or bikes, or place an order.




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