This name just refers to the fact that you can run these larger wheels on both the Firemans 26 and the Firemans 3! We made some minor unnoticeable adjustments on the newer run to make it easier.

Introducing the FIREMANS SIX FIFTY (or FM650 or FM27.5) – this was a surprise to us as much as it may be to you! We figured out that you can put 27.5” wheels on our 26-27.5” and 650b wheels are the same thing. On some of the runs of frames, it takes a little more work, but should work on all 26s ever made as far as we know. We did some very minor, unnoticeable modifications to this newest run to simplify the process – so try out those bigger wheels and give it a run. It feels and rides great as a SIX FIFTY just like it does as a 26! This also works on the FM3.

FM26 (Texas Cruzer) with 650/27.5 wheels on left.

FM 26 (Texas Cruzer) with 650/27.5 wheels-

FM3 with 650/27.5 wheels –


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